About Kazahkstan

In the heart of the Former Soviet Union, the newly independent Republic of Kazakhstan is poised for a spiritual awakening. This country of 15.2 million people has never in history been evangelized. The people of Kazakhstan have traditionally aligned themselves with either the Islamic or Eastern Orthodox faiths, while the Christian population is estimated to be less than 1%.

With their newly won religious freedom, the people of Kazakhstan are now open to the Gospel as never before. They are finally free from the oppression that they experienced under the Soviet Union, and they remain free from the repressive Islamic form of government that has already claimed their neighbors in Central Asia. However, over a thousand mosques have been built in Kazakhstan since gaining independence in 1991, so their newly won religious freedom may not last for long. Starting in 2008, foreign missionaries are required to register with the government. For these reasons, the critical factor limiting the spread of the Gospel in Kazakhstan is a lack of Biblically trained, domestic pastors and church planting missionaries.

The People of Kazakhstan

Historical Overview of Kazakhstan

The Religions of Kazakhstan

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